Why Use Concrete Pavers for Your Katy Driveway Project

Why Use Concrete Pavers for Your Katy Driveway Project

If you’re planning to replace your dated or cracked driveway for your Katy home, don’t miss this opportunity to make it more appealing and increase its value. The right materials can make the difference. Concrete pavers are a great choice because they’re more durable than asphalt or concrete, more affordable than stone and more colorful and aesthetically versatile than brick.


Concrete pavers are very durable with an incredible compressive strength that can withstand rain, shine and hail. In fact, if it’s properly installed by a professional ICPI certified contractor, it can last more than 50 years without settling or cracking. And, if in the rare instances that the pavers do become damaged or worn, you can easily replace a single paver without disturbing the others.


Concrete pavers are affordable. In fact, they cost significantly less than natural stone, a popular driveway material used in many residential driveway projects. Aside from their reasonable cost, concrete pavers are also inexpensive to maintain reducing the overall lifetime investment for homeowners.

Impressive color and texture options

When it comes to driveway designs, practical doesn’t have to mean boring. Concrete pavers are designed with bold, rustic and aesthetically pleasing colors and textures which can highlight your home’s exterior design and improve its curb appeal. They have a more sophisticated appearance than gravel or asphalt and definitely come in more colors. And, besides the wide variety of colors, you’ll find a variety of textures, finishes and gradients. One of the best features of pavers is they don’t chip like stamped or decorative concrete.

Interesting patterns     

Why Use Concrete Pavers for Your Katy Driveway Project Besides colors and textures, concrete pavers can be arranged differently to create interesting and captivating patterns to really customize your driveway. For example, you can create circular patterns with concrete pavers to aesthetically break up a large driveway. Conversely, you can create linear patterns with concrete pavers to make a small driveway appear wider or longer. With concrete pavers, the customization possibilities are nearly endless.  

Your installer will have samples—both in stock or special order – that you can use to make sure you get it right and Paver Connection can help. We’re the leading concrete paver installers in Katy and Houston. Contact us today to for a free concrete paver driveway project estimate and let’s get started.  

Posted on: September 5, 2019