Mr. & Mrs. Runte

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“Our project involved replacing pea gravel around the pool and adding on another 250 sq. ft. of patio. We decided on pavers and called Paver Connection. Everybody associated with Paver Connection is knowledgeable, friendly and incredibly proficient.

“The timeliness of crew and materials was incredible! There were no delays [or] missing parts/machines or materials. The crew was extremely efficient and detailed. We had two drains installed at the same time, and their extreme care in creating a slope for water drainage took an entire afternoon. The countless number of re-measures, recalculation, repacking of sand and incessant grading of the slope resulted in a perfect drainage system; no water comes into the house after a rain. The sand was swept, the street and driveway were pressure washed, the fence [was] replaced, and extra pavers [were] stacked. Paver Connection is absolutely flawless and beyond excellent.

“We will have no qualms, reservations, or second thoughts about doing business with Paver Connection later to have the rest of the pea gravel replaced and pavers set for our front walkway. [We] actually look forward to working with this company again in the future.”