Paver Patio in The Woodlands

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Polly likes to entertain, and her paver patio helped her step up her party game. A retired customer service executive living in The Woodlands, Texas, Polly’s parties are infamous around her close circle of friends and family. For years, her backyard has been the center of social activities ranging from wine tastings to birthdays.

Problems with Wood Decks

Wooden deck woodlands danger
Polly’s wooden deck had been repaired many times, but the structure itself had become so dilapidated that it was dangerous.

Polly loved spending time on her wooden patio deck. But she noticed that its multiple levels limited her when it came to on where she could put her patio furniture and grill. She couldn’t rearrange her chairs or table because the multiple levels were so restrictive.
Plus, a few years ago, her wood deck began to show wear and tear, so Polly just repaired it as she needed to. But after the latest round of fixes, she had had enough. As wood decks do, hers began to rot to such an extent that guests could fall through the rotted[MS1] wood, making it unsafe.

Pavers Make Patios Better

Polly’s friend suggested pavers. She checked into several paver installation companies and called Paver Connection. Randy Carpenter, Paver Connection’s founder, visited with Polly and designed a more open concept for her patio using pavers —–without the multiple levels.
His design leveled the patio to one height, giving her more space to entertain and move things around as she wanted. Plus, with its strength and durability, pavers will never rot or become unsafe.

The Right Pavers for The Woodlands Patio

Polly opted for the Pavestone® Three-Stone Plaza Combo Old Town Blend with a Charcoal Holland border around the edge. This gave the 750-square-foot patio a natural frame and set off the beautiful landscaping that Polly had done previously.

In addition, Polly wanted to wrap the patio cover columns in Pavestone’s® Rumblestone, topping them with travertine caps to make them more elegant and tie them into the new paver patio.

PatioPavestone® Three-Stone Plaza Combo Old Town Blend with
Column WrapPavestone®Rumblestone with a travertine cap