Patio Paver Rescue in Lakes of Eldridge

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When “Don” built his home in Lakes of Eldridge in West Houston, he had done his patio with stamped concrete. At first, it seemed to be the answer to a dull patio, but later the imprinted patio created a number of issues like wear and tear, chipping and poor drainage. As time went on, Don noticed that he wanted more patio space as well as privacy in his backyard and thought that expanding the stamped concrete area was the logical move.

So many problems with stamped concrete

In mid 2018, as Don was evaluating the stamped concrete expansion, he realized that when it rained (as it often does in Houston), the water would drain from his patio right onto his driveway. The runoff would travel from his back patio flood his breezeway and eventually run off his driveway depositing debris like leaves and dirt across all three areas.

Imagine what his patio looks like after putting down mulch in the flower beds.

Pavers and drainage issues

Don called Paver Connection to talk about replacing the stamped concrete with pavers building a privacy wall and fixing his drainage issues. As a licensed drain layer, our designers created a solution that would allow water to drain under the patio, not through the breezeway. We can offer patio paver solutions that work for you. We demolished the stamped concrete and created a paved patio with a raised outside perimeter that slopes slightly to the middle into a drain keeping water and debris off both the breezeway and driveway.

Our paver vendors—Belgard and Pavestone—came through

Don chose the Belgard Grana Slab product in Crab Orchard Stone color. We laid down about 1100 square feet on the patio, on the sides of the driveway and the front walkway to visually tie everything together. Now the patio is much more durable and has a much more natural look since it’s made of real stone, not concrete made to look like stone.

In addition, we built a wall. Not that kind of wall, but a 6’ 4” Pavestone Free Standing Double-Faced wall in Antique Buff under the breezeway. Each stone is stacked individually and held in place with rebar and adhesive. Don will add a wood or iron gate for extra style, privacy and security.  

Pavers are a great way to build a more natural-looking outdoor living space and, if done right, can solve a variety of issues from water drainage to hiding underground repairs.

Call us and let us give you a tailored estimate on your patio project. 

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