Party on the Paver Patio in Green Trails

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When Mr. Colburn wanted to throw his girlfriend a birthday party during the Labor Day weekend, he knew that his backyard was not ready for prime time. Even though he had plenty of space, his square concrete slab patio was just too small to accommodate more than a handful of guests. The patio was also sunken into the backyard, so flooding was an issue whenever it rained.

patio renovation before
Mr. Colburn’s backyard was not ready for prime-time. The patio was actually lower than the rest of the yard.

We made his patio cooler

Mr. Colburn called Paver Connection to see how he could upgrade his patio renovationbackyard and add a paver patio where he could entertain friends and family outside long after his girlfriend’s birthday party. He had a great space to work with since his backyard was surrounded on three sides by his back porch, master bedroom windows and garage. He also wanted to keep a medium-sized shady palm tree growing near the patio. And he wanted the whole project completed in just three days!


We love the challenge

We love projects like this because they’re a challenge. And when you’re up against a tight deadline, a lot of companies will overlook what an intrusion a construction project like this can be. Not us. We’re always conscious of the fact that we’re in someone’s home and we take every precaution to cause the least amount of disruption when getting the job done quickly.


Considering the patio drainage

Before we could start the process of laying pavers, we needed to address the irrigation issue. Since the backyard sloped towards the home, we considered excavating the backyard to lower it so that water would drain away from the house. Assessing the cost of cutting the whole yard down, we thought the better, more economical solution would be to install two drains in the new patio area that would pipe to the back fence.

Sometimes the easiest solutions are the best.


The pavers of choice

patio paver renovation
Using Georgia Blend, Pavestone Plaza Stone 3- Piece Combo pavers from Pavestone, we turned a backyard into a dream patio.

Once our drainage issue was resolved, Mr. Colburn decided on the earthy tones of the Georgia Blend, Plaza Stone 3-Piece Combo pavers from Pavestone. The color beautifully compliments his home’s brick and paint while adding dynamic shades to his patio. We were also able to cement matching vertical edging around the palm tree and pipe in a bubblier head from the sprinkler system to supply water.


Pavers are built for the life of your patio

pavers around trees
Pavers are built to change with you. Mr. Colburn may like this tree today, but if changes his mind, we can pull it out and cover it as though it was never there.

Pavers are great for landscaping—especially trees that are part of the outdoor living space—since, as the trees grow, you can easily expand the edging. Or, if the tree dies, you can seamlessly cover the hole with pavers and it’s consistent with the rest of the patio without it looking “patched up.”

Needless to say, we completed the project on time and on budget. Mr. Colburn’s birthday party was a success and he was able to comfortably entertain about 40 people at his home.

Pavestone Plaza Stone 3-Piece Combo