Just What the Doctor Ordered

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When Hurricane Harvey plowed through the Houston area, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Alan watched helplessly as the waters literally wiped out his backyard and flooded his home that backs up to Buffalo Bayou.

Knowing how lucky he was, compared with thousands of other people, he

Hurricane Harvey backyard
Hurricane Harvey ravaged Dr. Alan’s backyard stopping it clean of all landscaping and character.

was thankful that his family was safe and his home wasn’t completely destroyed. But the rising bayou took its toll on the interior of his home and caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage to his yard’s landscaping, walkways and lighting. Harvey left only dirt and some skeleton-branched shrubs where his outdoor paradise used to be.

Making lemonade out of lemons … well, pavers

retaining walls houston
Retaining walls keep the soil behind it from eroding.

After restoring his home’s interior, Dr. Alan saw the destruction as an opportunity to build a better backyard too. He had Paver Connection build a retaining wall in 2017 that looked and performed as designed.

Retaining walls are a must if your home backs up to a bayou (or, for that matter, any body of water or major terrain embankments that makes the land unusable). The wall is designed to hold the soil that lies behind it. It’s designed to not only hold water at bay, but expand the usable land on a property. Contractors can create a retaining wall with concrete (blocks, pieces or poured), natural rocks or boulders.

While a retaining wall won’t prevent flooding, it will keep the waters from eroding the ground that supports your property.

Pavers make better walkways

Dr. Alan called Paver Connection again to expand his retaining wall, repair the flagstone and drainage system around his swimming pool, and install new walkways, lighting and landscaping.

With Dr. Alan’s vision and our expertise, we were able to re-create and

Pavestone walkway houston
Paver Connection was able to restore the beauty to Dr. Alan’s backyard.

also improve upon his beautiful, 2,000-square-foot outdoor living space. We used Pavestone® Plaza 3-stone Combo for the walkways and Mossrock Natural Stone from Katy Stone & Gravel for the landscape wall.

With winding walkways and landscaping framed by natural stone walls, Dr. Alan can once again relax by his pool by the bayou.


WalkwaysPavestone® Plaza 3-Stone Combo in Antique Tan
Landscape WallKaty Stone & GravelMossrock Natural Stone