Hedwig Village Permeable Driveway and Patio Upgrade

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driveway renovation
The Jones’s driveway was functional, but in order to get the patio they wanted, it needed to be permeable.

Think of your driveway as a red carpet that welcomes people to your home. It’s not the main event, but when you renovate your driveway, it adds elegance and curb appeal that accentuates the rest of your home.

The Joneses live in Hedwig Village, a suburb community on the west side of Houston. After purchasing their new home, they invested several thousand dollars in upgrading the interior and making it truly their own. Since they love to entertain outside, they wanted to upgrade their patio area and add an outdoor kitchen and swimming pool. But as they would find out later, nothing is as easy as it sounds.

Flooded with Restrictions

Since Houston—in particular, the Hedwig Village area—is prone to flooding, the city of Hedwig Village requires that non-permeable surfaces account for no more than 45 percent of the total lot area.

The Joneses considered a covered outdoor kitchen with travertine tile, but the concrete foundation they needed to build to hold the structure would not be permeable. They almost had to sacrifice their outdoor dream kitchen by making the pool deck permeable to meet the restrictions. They had to find another solution and that’s when they looked at their driveway.

Permeable Driveway Give and Take

The Joneses had a standard 3,000-square-foot concrete driveway that, for years, was functional, but not permeable nor particularly stylish. If they could make the driveway permeable, they would have enough room in their code restrictions to design and build the outdoor kitchen they wanted.

Paver Connection specializes in permeable pavement systems. Whether it’s driveways, patios or walkways, our system is designed to let water drain into the system, retain it briefly and release it into the ground. When the Joneses presented our solution to Hedwig Village, the city approved it and even gave them double credit for the driveway project.

Materials of Choice

For the permeable driveway project, the Joneses chose Eco Panorama Antique Tan from Pavestone®. The color created visual continuity with their dark roof and gray stucco home. Since the kitchen no longer needed to be permeable, we used about 2,000 square feet of travertine tile to give the backyard area more elegance and contrast with the shaded ground.

The Ends Justify Means

Once the project was finished, the Joneses had a completely upgraded driveway that set their home off from other homes on their street. The backyard has been transformed from a shady, leafy mess to a real showroom with a pool and outdoor kitchen—perfect for entertaining and giving the kids a cool place to hang out at home.

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